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  Our chapter reflects a group of dedicated teachers and students from many focus areas in education. Among us are music therapists, general education, parent volunteer, and arts specialist educators, who form an awesome community of learners dedicated to bringing the arts to our students, and even more importantly, are dedicated to giving them the necessary knowledge and skills to become creative, responsible, tolerant, caring, and involved citizens of the twenty-first century.

Through our Orff processes in music and movement we learn to express our anxieties, our hungers, our hopes and our discoveries.  We realize that all of the arts are an integral part of the daily learning experience for all of humanity.   Here especially, we are an ongoing support for each other, arriving to each workshop after a weeklong marathon, immersed in meeting educational "goals" and family responsibilities.  Here, is where we find the uplifting energy generated by each others' spirit of camaraderie; where we are accepted at our own ability levels; where we can learn from each other; where we find open doors to finding directions for our own strengths in teaching music and movement; where we discover ways to include the arts in the already impacted classroom curriculum; where everyone is included; where we are accepted as we are.

New: Chapman Professional Development Credit

One (1) semester credit at $65 per workshop. CHAPMAN GUIDELINES FOR FOLLOW-UP WORK AND REGISTRATION FORMS will be provided at workshop. Participant takes responsibility to submit REGISTRATION AND FEES DIRECTLY to Chapman OFFICE OF EXTENDED EDUCATION.

Note: To receive credits, registration must be completed before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the workshop. Come early—No late registration. No credits will be given for registrations after 9:00 a.m.

To Contact Us:
Orange County Chapter
American Orff - Schulwerk Association
6570 E. Paseo Alcazaa
Anaheim, CA. 92807-4901

Bev Bullis, Co-President  Cell:( 714) 345-2622,
Eileen Maeda, Co-President   (714) 309-3636 
Tim Johns, Membership  (909) 557-3582
Rochelle "Rocky" Brown, Co-Vice President, Programs


Orff-Schulwerk is concerned with the development of the whole child . . . It is an innovative approach to music education based on the ways in which children naturally communicate: through sound, using their voices to speak, chant, and sing, and through their bodies to move and dance.